Requiem Apoidea

Requiem Apoidea is a work I wrote after reading into the ongoing bee-genocide taking place in the US. As a reaction I wrote a piece for percussion quartet where ‘bull-roarers’ play the main role. The elastics are plucked like a guitarist, strummed, rubbed and whirled. The overall sound world is deep and ungraspable. The introductory notes in the piece are the following:

“Over the past few years, bee populations have been dying at a rate the U.S. government says is economically unsustainable.  Honey bees pollinate plants that produce about a quarter of the food consumed by Americans, including apples, almonds  watermelons and beans, according to government reports. 

Scientsts, consumer groups and bee keepers say the devastating rate of bee deaths is due to at least in part to the growing use of pesticides sold by agrichemical companies to boost yields of staple crops such as corn. 

This piece emphasizes that “with the damning evidence mounting, pesticide companies can no longer spin their way out of this crisis”, as said Michele Simon, public health lawyer.”

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