Sub le Noir

As a composer writing for piano I have often found myself investigating the lowest strings of the piano. In a grand piano one can easily reach the lower part of the string (the rest is covered by the x-braced rest of the instrument) and create the most eerie overtones from this heavy,resonant register. I was wondering what it would sound like if I had the chance to play the whole string. Removing the rest of the strings would be an expensive undertaking so I asked a befriended piano tuner if he could provide me with the lowest string of a grand piano.

This string I mounted on a piece of hardwood I reenforced with steel. A harp mechanic and 8 lengthwise mounted bass guitar pickups allowed me to get the most unheard sounds out of the string. The pickups can be routed to 8 different outputs and thereafter 8 different effect-loops. What a rich quality of sound, and all that from 1 single string!


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