Since its first performance at November Music 2013, TEMKO has sky-rocketed on the Dutch contemporary music scene. Conquering hearts and minds of music enthusiasts with their blend of minimal, contemporary and improv. The group has been asked to perform at venues such as De Doelen, TivoliVredenburg, Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ, ClassicalNeXt, Paradox Tilburg, Vrije Geluiden among others. TEMKO mainly performs their own compositions but also invites leading international composers and performers to explore new sonic universes together.

In September 2016 the group will release their debut album ‘Darkness Rises’, translating the 30 year journey by NASA’s space-probe Pioneer 10 into 55 minutes of music. ‘Minimal Chamber Metal’, that’s how the quartet itself coined its pioneering music – sounds that always seem to have arrived freshly out of the buffer zones between genres and disciplines.

Official TEMKO Website

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